Monday, 10 May 2010

How to Cook Peking Duck (Crispy Aromatic Duck) at home

Here! another our choice for our family banquet.
Peking Duck (Crispy Aromatic Duck) is a well-known Chinese national food. Due to the distinctive aroma of cooked duck, Peking Duck would be one of popular Chinese cuisine in the world...maybe^^. This is also our couple and our little girl's favorite.

Now, I will show you how to cook Peking Duck at home not in a complicating way but a simple one.

Ingredients (to serve 3-4 people)
  • Whole duck 1
  • Chinese pancakes 3 packs
  • Spring onion 1 bunch
  • Cucumber 1
  • Tomato 5
  • Hoisin sauce (or Peking Duck sauce)
  • Sunflower oil

How to Cook
  1. Rinse a duck well in the water and dry it with a (kitchen) towel
  2. Apply a coat of sunflower oil to the duck
  3. Put the duck in a oven set to 230 degrees Celsius (preheat the oven for 10 minutes)
  4. Cook it in the oven for 3 hours (turn the duck upside down every hour; be careful the heat)
  5. Meanwhile, prepare vegetables (not cook them but cut down to size)
  6. (spring onion)
  7. In particular, peel a cucumber and cut like the pics (do not serve the soft center of cucumber for crispy bits)
  8. Steam Chinese pancake 15 minutes.
  9. Take out the duck and shred it using a fork and kitchen tongs
  10. And enjoy

Now I upload two videos which show you how to enjoy Pecking Duck with vegetables and Chinese pancakes, and how our little girl deals with them^^.

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