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Cash, Finance, Short Loan, Easy Loan, Same-day Loan, Debt Management in the UK

Everything Payday

Welcome to Everything Payday, the online short term payday loan provider. We can deposit a short term loan directly into your bank account, normally on the same working day. You're only a few clicks away to getting your cash with no need of a credit check or faxing of any documents. Getting a short term cash loan up to£1000 today has never been so easy! You can even request for your loan to be extended* so as to spread the repayment for more than 1 month. Apply online with no obligation today

Cash Genie UK

• We are a leading Short Term Loan company owned and operated in the UK.
• We offer a same day service, meaning customers can apply and receive the loan in their bank the same day.
• We are a lender and not a broker. 
• We offer short term, small loans combined with speed to help you bridge any financial gaps you may have. 
• We pride ourselves on our responsible lending policy and providing a second to none customer experience. 

Debt Line

Debt Line offers the only fully online debt management service in the UK. We are currently dealing with over £215,000,000 worth of the UK's debt for more than 16,000 customers and our online business is rapidly growing.

Debt management means our clients stop getting creditor hassle, stop interest and charges on their accounts and can relax knowing that all of their debts are being dealt with for them. Our customers only pay what they can afford leaving them with more money every month and no more struggling. is a practical alternative to banks that can no longer help their customers with their short term financial needs.

Launched in 2010 and privately backed by people who understand our customers, our mission is to provide instant decisions and two hour money whenever they need it.

We are at the cutting edge of modern consumer finance by offering small, short term loans online with real speed and ease. We are flexible and paper free which means you can apply using our easy-to-use website whenever you need cash in a hurry. We have a consumer credit licence from the Office of Fair Trading.

Lending Stream

Lending Stream is an online short term finance lender specialising in payday loans from £80 to £520, and up to £1000 for returning customers. With a high approval percentage and cash paid into your account the same day.

Loanfinder UK

Loanfinder UK is a unique loan finding service that offers a range of financial solutions for people who are unable or unwilling to deal with the often inflexible terms of major banks and finance companies. 

Loanfinder searches through over 200 lenders to find the best loan option for each individual customer and their personal circumstances. There are no upfront fees and the service can be fully completed online. Credit Xtra is also currently available for all Loanfinder customers- it gives customers full visibility of your credit report and credit score for FREE!

Payday Bank

PaydayBank offers same day payday loans. We provide an immediate response to our customers, who require quick loans of up to 750 GBP. 
Please note that PaydayBank de-dupes sales/leads on a last click basis against other channels, networks.

Our company operates fully online, which means we can provide fast and convenient solutions to our customers. 
We are a highly professional and respected company and our site is a market leader with regard to conversion rates. 

PaydayBank was established in 2006 and has exceeded its growth targets consistently. We have gained a lot of experience promoting our brand in the online market and we are highly committed in delivering results. We are one of the leading UK payday loan brands.


V5 Loans is a reputable lending company specialising in loans for those that have bad debts, CCJs, would fail a credit check or find it hard to raise money on the high street. Our Loans are secured against the value of their car, provided it is worth more than £500 and is less than 8-10 years old.

Millions of People are Refused High Street Credit Daily
Thousands of rejections are made each day by Banks and other Financial Institutions and that’s millions of potential customers for both you and us. (9.1 Million Applications were refused in 2005 – and that’s well before the Credit Crunch – Source: Datamonitor).

So, due to the Credit Crunch, many people are finding it hard to obtain a loan and this is where we can help them.

Vanquis Bank Ltd

Vanquis Bank’s products serve customers ranging from those who have had credit problems in the past, to those completely new to credit, are self-employed or have a low income.
Our aim is to provide a range of credit cards that give them the options they deserve. 

Vanquis Bank is a responsible lender and we provide our customers with support, and put in place credit limits that assist in controlling their spending. We do this by being transparent about our products and pricing, and providing high levels of customer service.

Vanquis Bank is led by an experienced credit card team. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Provident Financial plc, a leading international company providing home credit and credit cards.

Vanquis is a specialist lender providing credit to an underserved market. By promoting us on your site you are providing your customers with access to the possibility of a Visa card that has all of these great benefits:

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