Saturday, 8 May 2010

How to make honey lemon tea

Well...there would be lots of way to make honey lemon tea in the world. However, here, I would like to show you one of quick method to serve honey lemon tea at home.

Lemon contains Vitamin C and citric acid which gives lemons a sour taste. So I drink tea with honey to reduce the sour taste and also to take in honey^^. Lemon tea works for easiness of body discomfort and mental fatigue, a reduction of the risk of cancer disease, prevention of colds, recovery of biorhythms, skin care, etc. It sounds like a panacea for everything^^. But I can say that Lemon tea is one of natural ways to keep your body healthy.

OK. What we need to make honey lemon tea at home in a simple way are that:

  • Half of lemon
  • Two or three teaspoons honey
  • Hot water
  • One teaspoon sugar (if you want)

(How to make honey lemon tea)
  1. squeeze the juice from a lemon using a lemon squeezer
  2. Put the juice in a cup with honey
  3. Add hot water (not too hot: this can destroy the taste of lemon and honey, and drop the efficacy of honey)
  4. Stir well and enjoy~~~(a piece of cake^^)

P.S. Put the skin of lemon in the fridge to kill odors. (This is really working. Amazing!!!)

Have a good day!!!

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