Saturday, 22 May 2010

Barbecue (BBQ)

Maybe or maybe not, the thing that people in Europe are waiting for would be Barbecue. OK, I am. So, when this summer has come, the first thing I did was a BBQ party. Not such a big one, just for our family^^. We needed one pack of instant charcoal, pork meat, sweetcorn, sweet potato, beefsteak, mushroom to enjoy Korean  style (I am not quite sure about the terminology-Korean style^^) BBQ. Just cooking the ingredients on high heat of charcoal and enjoying the food, sunshine, and our family love.

Instant charcoal, the brilliant invention for easy BBQ, I did not need any tools or fan to build a fire. What I need is just a lighter to light the charcoal...Very good.

Well, even though it looks like dull charcoal, it is very hot, hot, and hot!!!

OK, let's start to cook pork belly, beefsteak, mushroom, sweetcorn. Unfortunately, I just took a pic of pork (Oh, you can see mushrooms^^).

Then, put sweet potatos on the charcoal...I can not explain the taste of sweet potatos cooked on the charcoal. It is really fantastic. You have to try before you die^^. (I wrapped the sweet potatos with foil not to make them another charcoal)

Do not take a pic!!!.... I am sorry I did...

Have a nice day!!!

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